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"Use of Force" Judgement Training Firearm Simulator

ProTac Defense Training is proud to offer you our Meggitt BlueFire Wireless L7 Simulator. The newest and most realistic “Use of Force” Judgmental Training Simulator available today. 

The L7 is totally Wireless- NO TETHERS! It provides complete “real-time” instructor information, including the firearm position prior, during, and after the shot; showing the sweep of the muzzle; trigger manipulation; and other useful information while maintaining a realistic wireless firearm format. Firearms used with our systems are actual Glocks, Sig’s, M4’s, Tasers, OC, and Flashlights milled out with Bluetooth electronics inserted into them to communicate with the main system. They have interchangeable and refillable and removable magazines of compressed air that generate realistic recoil and reloads. 

The L7 is the most advanced Judgmental system on the market, offering 250 scenarios, with interchangeable branch endings. Branching can be initiated throughout the scenario (by the instructor) at specific points depending on the student’s responses and reactions or the instructor’s desired training goals. Scenarios are actual videos with CGI graphic overlays, immersing the student into each realistic scenario. 

With the simulator you can evaluate a person’s ability to implement good judgment in the use of force, ability to maintain control in use of force situations, and marksmanship skills.


With everything going on in our society today it is more important than ever that Law Enforcement Officers, and the civilian population, are trained with the most realistic judgmental training possible. Department’s MUST reduce liability by increasing Judgmental Training. ProTac Defense training would like to offer you an affordable, easy way to accomplish this through our rental services. We offer the newest judgmental training simulator on the market. We welcome multi-agency rentals. 

Check with the Risk Management Officer of your Liability Insurance carrier. We have discovered that some insurance companies are willing to help pay for this training in an effort to reduce liability exposure. 

You schedule the training time, and we deliver and set up the simulator, instruct your training officer on the use of the system, and are available 24/7 for support during the rental; saving you thousands of dollars and enabling you to train within your policy and procedures on the newest, most advanced system on the market. 

BlueFire firearm simulators use Bluetooth technology to communicate with the system and provide real-time training diagnostics and tools that provide instructors with the most information (ability to view, point of aim, weapons status, number of rounds in a magazine, and trigger pressure), while providing the student with the most realistic wireless training experience, including recoil and full “mag-out” reloads.


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